New Edustuff Available


Hello People!

New educational stuff now available at discounted prices on most goods! Age range: 0 to 12 yrs. We got:

1. Sensory balls @ N150 each (stimulates visual, tactile, & auditory senses + watch your baby discover the concept of cause & effect, for 0yrs – crawling ).

2. Melissa & Doug Jumbo triangular crayons, initiates & reinforces tripod grip in your toddler, hard to break, and encased in a plastic ‘briefcase’ @ N2500  

3. Does your child have issues with recognizing, forming, or writing letters? Then our Alpha Shapes set would be perfect! …. It’s a set that teaches ur child how to trace, build & write letters. No more confusing and mixing up letters. Perfect for Special Ed. Only 3 left @ N2000 each.

4. How about an educational family game set that stimulates critical & creative thinking in your 7+yrs? Pictionary is it! @ N1500 each. ……

But wait!… That’s not all. We still got the science series (5yrs+) @ N500, assorted insects packs for science (5yrs+) @ N650, activity books on sale & lots more!

We’ve got US & China sourced, it’s your choice! Call 08024093654 for enquiries or book now and pick up @ KBC. I will be posting pictures before the weekend – so be calm.

See Ya!  Big Thanks!


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