The Learning Process


What does “LEARN” mean?

To learn is to gain knowledge or skill from experience or from being taught, a complex process that involves steps or stages on which further learning is based.

  • The organ of Learning is the BRAIN

The brain is the command center of the developing organism. It contains neurons and provides the basis for physical, cognitive, and personal and social  development.


The brain needs to be prepared to accept information, retain that information, and build upon it to allow it the ability to do increasingly difficult work.

What are NEURONS?


Neurons are nerve cells. They receive and transmit messages from one part of the body to another. Each one has an axon with many tails (terminals). These axon terminals send electrochemical messages to other neurons across tiny spaces called synapses.


Learning creates the synaptic connections. The result is knowledge and skill constructed in our brain.

  •  Like twigs on a tree that can grow only from a twig or branch that is already there, so dendrites can grow only from a dendrite that is already there–from something the learner already knows.
  •  (and again), like twigs growing on a tree, learning is constructed, higher and higher, with skills and understanding increasing.

As we learn (i.e. experience, practice, process), specific dendrites grow so that specific neurons connect at specific synapses to create larger and more-complex specific neural networks.

  • THESE NETWORKS ARE WHAT WE KNOW. So the more we grow,  the more we know.

Therefore, as a learner goes through the stages of the natural learning process, the learner’s brain constructs its neural networks from the lowest twig up. Thus, the first lesson must be a no-fail activity to which every student can make a personal connection to a twig already there, to something already known.

Start tasking your child’s brain early. Talk to him, keep him busy, and give him sounds to develop his auditory senses. Show him colours, shapes, in books and the environment to develop visual recognition and association. Let him feel textures with eyes opened or closed. A child doesn’t have to start school to learn. You don’t have to sit with a child for him to learn. There is so much for him to discover at home so encourage him to be a little explorer and watch his intelligence unfold.


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