Not my usual but……it’s Hijab Mall 3


A sister of mine is organizing her annual seminar for Muslimahs in Business. I felt compelled to advertise it here for her because though I am a teacher, I am also both a sistapreneur & mompreneur as coined by Khadijah on her blog (HighStreetMuslimah).

She has given me much encouragement to do what I am currently doing business-wise and I want other ladies to get that benefit and share in that sisterly bond we have so far developed. The Hijab Mall is a VERY low cost and affordable seminar where you can rub minds, get info, improve your marketing and sales skills, e.t.c. in just 2 days. Plus we have high quality snacks/lunch in the package (my favourite part)!

So here’s the info (Nigerian ladies only):



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