Family Crafts Project Series


Gadget review: Easy Knit Set (Paper Craft)

Though we prefer sourcing edu-toys from the UK and US, I get to see new gadgets regularly at my Nigerian suppliers, and most are straight from China to Nigeria. I say this because most Nigerian importers from China don’t care about quality products, most of the products you find in the markets here are  very cheap quality that won’t last. It took me a while to get an importer from china who cared about the quality of her products. I now have about 3 good quality importers, and though the English instructions written on the edu-toys might not be perfect, the gadgets really do work.

One of such is this lovely Paper Weaving contraption, I feel in love with it at first sight. When I bought it, my first daughter was 8yrs old. She has an artistic streak just like her mom so it was an ideal Ramadan gift for her.

Throughout the month, she was hooked and I also had a go at it myself (couldn’t help it)!

Check out my attempt at using the set to make a cute & chic handbag with paper. (Below)

a) Step 1: I cut A4 size into right size using the paper cutter (above)

b) Step 2: See how the crimper makes the ridges. I had to roll the paper through the crimper to get this.

c) Step 3: Next comes the folding, glueing and strip making (my 6yr old son helped with the glueing), it’s really tiring making all those strips.

d) Step 4: Interlacing, reminds me of those basket weavers. I learnt paper interlacing in primary school art. Really, the gadget makes the weaving easier – I was taught with using only paper, glue, and scissors.

e) Step 5: Taking shape. I had to switch to staplers because the gum that came with it just didn’t stick anything together!!!

f) Niiiiccceeee……..

g) Step 6: Making the bag cover. This part was a bit tricky

Had to do some careful insertions above.

Looking familiar??????

Voila! The handle was easy, I just stapled two long strips together.



The Ashabi Bag, My 8yr and 6yr olds pencil holder & purse.

The Ashabi Bag, My 8yr and 6yr olds pencil holder & purse.

This activity will keep your kids glued to the table and they would forget you even exist! Good for developing concentration. Just check out our after work display…..


I find that when you give a child a good toy that helps in his physical, intellectual, and cognitive development, it takes a very long while for him to get bored with it. This is unlike toys that break at the first use or those that have no inherent intellectual advantage attached to them.



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