EGPs for our Lagos (Nigeria) Clients……


Hello Lagos!

We finally started our Educational Gift Packages in Lagos.

Now, you can give that child a gift that is not just for the fun of it but also what can be considered a lasting legacy. When you give your child an educational gift, the child will not only learn academics and life skills, he will also have fun during the learning process.

Educational Gifts also promotes bonding, because a member of the family will most likely use it to teach the child a concept, or to solve a problem, or to acquire a skill.

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor gadget, make it something lasting, something special, something educational!

Check out our Products page here to see what we have as gifts. Products updates in progress.

Check out some simple samples of our EGPs here.

Please, feel free to contact us for further enquiries.


3 thoughts on “EGPs for our Lagos (Nigeria) Clients……

  1. MaashaAllah this is a cool idea. I buy my kids gift every ‘eid at least,and I make it educational most of the time. I look at each kid’s personality and pick out stuffs that suits each of them. Eg one of my kids love to draw,so it was only right I picked something to help her there. I got her a lovely art set with all sorts of interesting painting gadgets,of course books always have to make apperances in their gift packs. So I got books that would create family bonding,no matter the age kids love someone reading to them! When someone wants to buy a gift pack,why not ask about the child’s personality plus needs to give the extra touch to a perfect gift ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

  2. Aminah Mustapha

    Assalam Alykum,please am interested in buying some of your educational gift products for my kids.please kindly send me your address or a better way to get in touch with you for the products.I will be very glad if i can get it through my mail this week.jazakillahu khyran .AMINAH MUSTAPHA

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