This one, I bought for Abdul as a gift for doing well in his exams and getting 3rd overall best in Primary two. I also love the concept, it’s definitely art but it’s best secret is that it is a good concentration tool. So those of you with attention deficit or short attention span kids, I believe this is the tool for you. I tested it with the kids for a week to evaluate it.

Let’s got through the components:

1) The Grid: This is where the actual work is done.

2) Compartments: Divided into 8 to hold the pieces (see it in the upper picture above).

3) Guide: This has 24 patterns for your child to copy and I consider that medium level.

4) Cubes and Pyramid pieces: 490 in all, 7 colours, all for mixing to form patterns.

I created 3 levels:

sample: a crocodile pattern

I created 3 levels with this kit so that both older and younger kids could have a go at it.

Level 1- EASY: There are 8 patterns in this category. The big pattern guide (a crocodile pattern is shown above) is put under the grid and your child just places the pieces on the picture (matching shape and colour) to form a picture. See the completed crocodile below.

Level 2 – MEDIUM: The small puzzle art guide with 24 patterns is viewed and the child tries to put together  the pattern of choice without placing anything under the grid. See below

sample: a watermelon pattern

A completed watermelon on grid

Level 3 – HARD: Your child must think of a pattern offhand and put it together from scratch. Tough one uumph!

The kids used the one week to create really beautiful patterns (see below). This looks like one of those few very good china goods I so rarely get to buy!


Unfortunately, this product is out of stock……..SEE YOU!


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