Treasure Hunt.


In the world of written words, your local ‘USED-book’ store is a treasure bank.
While it is not impossible to assume that the used-book store will not have much to offer (a far cry from the truth) – the reality is that it offers much more than just good and cheap books. It offers an intellectual experience that I always find therapeutic, relaxing and deeply satisfying.
For me, a visit to the used-book store gives an experience of satisfaction in the midst of everyday life’s challenges and demands. Searching through piles after piles of books, with some being dusty (even to the point of me sneezing), and then discovering books that remind me of my childhood, bring back the nostalgia of the years gone. At times, I discover a book that I have heard about but have not been fortunate enough to read,

“Oh, how I cherish my visits to the used-book store!”

There is also the regular experience of coming across titles by less known but very good authors. After all, in used books you find other peoples’ book choices. Any time I visit a used-book store I wonder at the amount and depth of knowledge buried in the store’s dusts – and even more at the ridiculously cheap prices.
For me, my love for used-book stores is insatiable, because I see it as a means,….. as I am an environmentally friendly person, I know used books are recycled goods, cheaper, and they fit into my budget. Most people that sell used books are just happy to see these books passed on to a new owner, amongst other reasons.
Sometimes I do come across books that the previous owners had taken full ownership of it by having a stamp on it, written their name on it, or the occasional commenting on the pages of the book, giving life and meanings to the book.
Unlike most other used stuff in life, a used book contains the same content like a new one, and both books are of the same title, edition, and also written by the same author.
To me used books make the reading world go round and are a source of joy to the reader, bookseller, book donor, society and writer.
So, when next you pass by that used bookstore, pop in and go on a book hunt!



Abdul Ghaniy Otukogbe. He is married with 3 kids, a Learning Instructor with Adult Education of ERYC, UK – with special interest in Literacy, Numeracy and Learning Disabilities.


4 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt.

  1. bfostrickson

    I love to trade with my local used bookstore. I get new books to read, they get new books to sell, and everyone is happy!

    • Aaaaawwww, that’s really nice. I try to buy used book for the kids that can’t afford books for elementary school in my country. Though I know the people bringing it in get it free most times, they sell to me and I don’t mind buying them.

      • bfostrickson

        That’s very kind of you, 🙂 I donate books when I can, but after moving across the country, I had to cut back the books I keep with me. I’m sure I will find some more to donate when I go home for a visit.

      • The only snag is I usually don’t find more than a copy of a book so I could have it with me until I can stock up a big pile of different books worthy to be given as donation.

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