Children and Creativity


The need for creativity in the education of a child is: obvious, necessary, important, under-valued, and essential.

Learning to read and write is an essential experience that every child should be given but it’s more important for the child to be seen as anΒ  individual, who expresses himself/herself in different ways, peculiar to his/her personality traits.

  • We emphasize the learning of numeracy and literacy by children, and forget the inherently beautiful nature of the artistic expression of that knowledge.
  • Take for instance, in literacy where words if properly crafted could have lasting impressions on a child’s (he)ART, or in numeracy where if a child sees the beauty in numbers like the forms of 0, 1, 2….9, then, maybe maths will not be dreadful to the child anymore.

Today,when I look at the gifts in the natural environment from the landscape view, I see art, I see literacy, I see numeracy, I see things I long to understand but seem not to be able to fully comprehend because after-all I am a mortal-being.

  • Education to a child should be both enlightening and liberating in the midst of other things. So, how would you achieve these lofty educational goals in a child if you leave the (he)ART of education itself out.

My appeal to you as a parent/teacher/adult … responsible for the education of a child is……….

Don’t leave out the ART at the (he)ART of education




Abdul Ghaniy Otukogbe. He is married with 3 kids, a Learning Instructor with Adult Education of ERYC, UK – with special interest in Literacy, Numeracy and Learning Disabilities.


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