Why tell a story to a child when you can make the child memorize facts?

Memorizing facts aids the intellect, while story telling

  • bonds the child with the adult,
  • creates a sense of pleasure in listening to others,
  • givesthe joys of sharing life experiences with the younger generation,
  • encourages the growth of empathy, wisdom and intelligence in the child.

Story telling gives the child a way to understand the religious, cultural, traditional, social…norms of his ancestors; the tribulations and joys of years gone by.

  • It tells the child there is a beginning, an interlude, and an end to every event in this world.
  • It is a means of telling the child that the world is full of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • It makes the child dream beyond his/her immediate limitations. It is a means of inspiration that leads to aspirations.

So in this age of destructive innovations and digital distractions, what story would you tell your child?

My advice?…….Spend less time in the virtual world and share a moment in your child’s life, a moment longing for stories to be told.


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