The big taboo with the present generation is…….. STUDYING?!?!



I look at my 11, 9, 6 and 3yr olds…….I am perplexed!

Ok, forget the 3 and 6yr olds! I think about the elder two…..sigh….big sigh….

I then go back in time to my days at secondary school. From Junior Secondary, though I was an average student, I always tried to carry my books 2weeks before end of term exams so that I could (at least) make the pass mark for a subject. I’d think about the daily prep periods ย (night reading periods for boarding student), the physical library (a building in the school with cataloged cards for those willing to search for an old classic), the times – spent building up a friendship just by having someone who knew a topic better than you – learning from her, and so on. I go through this cycle every time I tell my kids to carry their books and study.

It seems I am not the only one affected by this though. I have asked quite a number of friends and I get the same response – sighs!!!

A sister of mine told me, “if IB should miss a class of school due to illness, there’s trouble!” She would need to get extra help to make him learn the topic because he just doesn’t read. And when you ask – he’ll tell you that he knows the topic. infact, it wasn’t too long ago that an educational organisation did a seminar on how to get the current kids to start reading to study.

So where did we go wrong? Our parents didn’t need too much effort to get us to read or study. Or do we blame the internet? Afterall, it gives you the answers to most (not all) things at the touch of a button. Or is it some sort of metamorphosis in the genetic make up of the kids? Is it the depletion of the ozone layer? Are we feeding them too much GMO foods? …..big sigh!

As a teacher I know that actively reading not only benefits the intellect, it also exercises and develops the brain. This is why my generation (1970s-1980s) can think, put things into action, and develop new ideas from old ones. We never get bogged down, we forge ahead because we are active. I would devour a book once I got started because I had a reading culture.

It seems technology has erased anything related to developing a reading culture with the old fashioned, handheld, physical book. Any advice from anyone?


What’s your say on this?


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