ChildPreneur Bootcamp 2017Β 


And it was all about getting them to build a business plan…. in 3 days…as entrepreneurs. 

25 kids, 4 boys and 21 girls gathered at The Circumference in Surulere to do what they had never done before – put together a Business plan.

In 5 teams of never previously met members, a social bond was nurtured and team members strove hard to succeed as one.

Some kids already had hobbies like baking and crafting, and some had starting selling their products at the slightest opportunity but nothing serious yet. Some didn’t even believe they could sell what they make. Then there were the kids who didn’t even know what they could do, not to talk of selling in a business.

We know the future seems like one with no distinct type of career like the days of old when we had everyone striving to be doctors, lawyers, architects or engineers. You will need to be very innovative and be a thinker to survive in the future. 

We used our Minipreneur Book by Olanrewaju Oniyitan (Check out my previous blog post on the training workshop). 

The topics taught included pitching to sell, taxes, e-commerce, operations management, banking and of course doing business the halal way, as we only got Muslim kids to register and actually pay for the bootcamp. We had the Group Head, Non-Interest Banking at Sterling Bank (the only indigenous bank to offer non-Interest banking in Nigeria),  Dr Bashir Oshodi come talk to the kids about “What Investors look for in a business”. 

There are aspirations for another ChildPreneur bootcamp during the next holidays as parents have made enquiries but only time will tell.

A big thank you to the kids who were awesome, respectful, cooperative, and best of all, very intelligent and willing to learn. 

If your child wasn’t at this first edition, then they definitely missed…. Watch out for subsequent ones… Hopefully πŸ˜‰


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