Ramadan 2017 Read-A-Thon Family Challenge (Part 2)


So we ended Ramadan nearly 3 weeks ago. As usual, it was a spiritually uplifting period and it’s always a bit sad to see it go because the body gets so in tune with the routine. 

Our challenge was a fun filled family activity and here are some of our highlights below:

We had 16 families and 75 participants but can only choose 3 winning positions. We promise to give the mums treats (they did all the hard work) and a home decor item. 

The big treat for the first position is a visit to Hi-Impact Planet Theme Park with 4 tickets and rides. 

The second and third positions will have a smaller but girls hangout treat. Who will it be? Are you hoping to be the one? 

Check our Instagram handles and Facebook for the announcement this Friday. 

Stay Tuned…… 


Basic needs?!


Back then, in primary school days, I never heard of a computer – even though it existed!

Then, fast forward to my senior secondary school days, it became a far-off fantasy, because though it existed, I never had the opportunity to use one. THIS was in the ’80s and ’90s!

Fast forward again to my university days, it was definitely a very distant dream (a Personal Computer that is); and that was the most uninteresting, or should I say interesting part of my educational experience with a COMPUTER!
Now, times have changed and not just that a lot of people have access to a computer,  people also have access to all sorts of technologies from video games to smart phones, tablets, xbox,  and whatever else is out there.

And yet, despite the availability of all these technologies, the standard of education in Nigeria (my dear country) seems to be nose-diving at such an alarming rate.

About two years ago, only 98 (NOT 98%) of students passed the WAEC Physics examination with Credit and above grades in the whole country, SHOCKING?! ALARMING!

So I am beginning to think that if only we can invest in the basic needs of the education of young people, may be – just maybe, that will be better for a developing nation like Nigeria at this point in time, rather than all the dream promises of technology (by those in charge) and the distraction from the task at hand – which it can cause, especially in the classroom (when/if not properly administered).
For me, my ideal classroom basic needs are the following (not necessarily in order of importance):

  • clean portable water (if it can be sourced)
  • a balanced diet (school lunch)
  • appropriately lighted room(that’s a tough one for PHCN!)
  • appropriate room temperature
  • resourceful and caring teaching staff (close to impossible)
  • writing and reading materials (uuuuuhhhhmmm!)
  • exploratory play space
  • curious and happy pupils (Nigerian kids are eager learners)
  • inspiring teachers (I’m beginning to think this is an old school trait)
  • and good sanitary facilities (…..no comment…..)

Lastly, I have nothing against technology because I use it daily and I do see and experience the immense benefits it offers, but in a scenario whereby resources are limited, then it’s better to look into the cost-benefit analysis of whatever investment we make.



Abdulghaniy Kayode Otukogbe.
The man who is afraid to risk failure seldom has to face success.

UKF Reading Program



Tope & United for Kids Foundation: Doing a GREAT JOB!

Those who know about Edustuff Inc. know that we generally opt for the “train the trainer” style with the low income schools we work with, but on the 12th of March, 2014, we tried the other option (which has been nagging me but I always thought it impossible).

With some ladies — Aisha Bint Ibrahim, Bash Balogun, Oluwa To Yin, Aminat Gbaja, Temitope Y-a (kudos to you guys, I really admire your enthusiasm and courage), we decided to try out a new challenge. Continue reading

Not my usual but……it’s Hijab Mall 3


A sister of mine is organizing her annual seminar for Muslimahs in Business. I felt compelled to advertise it here for her because though I am a teacher, I am also both a sistapreneur & mompreneur as coined by Khadijah on her blog (HighStreetMuslimah).

She has given me much encouragement to do what I am currently doing business-wise and I want other ladies to get that benefit and share in that sisterly bond we have so far developed. The Hijab Mall is a VERY low cost and affordable seminar where you can rub minds, get info, improve your marketing and sales skills, e.t.c. in just 2 days. Plus we have high quality snacks/lunch in the package (my favourite part)!

So here’s the info (Nigerian ladies only):




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