The Minipreneur Book Workshop


OH dear! I should have posted this about a month ago. The minipreneur book workshop I attended was awesome and a must share. 

Despite the pouring rain and scary rain reviews, I was able to get to the venue a bit late and not so much was missed. 

Lanre, the lovely lady and author of the both was so easy to flow with as she explained what being an entrepreneur was and how to get our children to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in them

She has a unique style of teaching that is easy for children and adults to follow. I can tell you I jotted down notes, plenty lines were filled in my notebook as I scribbled on like an effico. 

Then we had the fun part, our group discussions: Primary teachers and secondary teachers. We were to come up with a business plan based on what children loved. Sort of what we could build from a habit that children loved doing. 

Of course, I was in the primary group 😁. So we chose TV because children would do anything to watch TV. Very interesting session, we were actually able to come up with lots of professions. 

It was kind of like taking a bad habit and squeezing out the positive side, and nurturing it without actually killing the creativity, talent and imagination the child might have. 

The secondary school group below👇

After the discussion, then came the group presentations… I liked my group’s presentation, it was obvious we won. But the day wasn’t about winning, it was about helping the future leaders of tomorrow to think outside the box because the future will definitely be more challenging than we have it now. 

I definitely recommend this book to parents and schools. It’s so easy to read and understand, and the children will love the activities Lanre discussed. Even adult would pick one or two things to help build their business ideas. We are definitely going to add it to our bookstore list👌. 


Do you Diffuse?


We already talked about essential oils, now let’s talk about my favourite way of using it. Diffusion

Aromatherapy is a scientific process where natural oils are gotten from plants ie leaves, bark, flowers, roots, stems, etc to enhance the psychological and physical well-being of human beings.

The aroma from the oils helps to stimulate brain functions which in turn acts as a form of healing therapy. This promotes relaxation and other health benefits.

Essential oils can also be used topically (be very careful with dilution ratios) and though not yet a fad in Nigeria, aromatherapy has already gained momentum as a form of alternative medicine used for various purposes including mood enhancement, pain relief and improved cognitive functions.

We all learnt about diffusion, at some point, in school, and in this particular case, what the diffusers do is to disperse the oils round a room or the whole house.

The whole place is filled with natural aromas. There are several techniques and devices which can be used as aromatherapy diffusers, examples are:

• Steam diffusers

• Candle diffusers

• Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers

• Lamp ring diffusers

• Fan diffusers

• Terracotta and sandstone diffusers

• Electronic heat diffusers

• Essential oil nebulizers

There are numerous benefits to diffusing:

1. Purifies and humidifies the air.

2. Make the room smell pleasant.

3. Relieves stress, fatigue and pain

4. Helps with respiratory issues and breathing easier.

5. Better relaxation and improved sleep.

6. Improves cognitive functions.🙌🙌🙌

7. Mood enhancer.

8. Keeps you and environment cool.

9. Best choice for therapeutic effects of aromatherapy.

10. Help with insect repelling.

So…. , are you interested enough to get one for yourself? If so, then make sure to:

  • Ask for recommendations from people already using.
  • Buy from reputable stores with reputable brands, Amazon is a good place to start with all the reviews you’ll get
  • Always buy as new

Pssst…. We plan to stock up some, stay tuned😉

EGPs for our Lagos (Nigeria) Clients……


Hello Lagos!

We finally started our Educational Gift Packages in Lagos.

Now, you can give that child a gift that is not just for the fun of it but also what can be considered a lasting legacy. When you give your child an educational gift, the child will not only learn academics and life skills, he will also have fun during the learning process.

Educational Gifts also promotes bonding, because a member of the family will most likely use it to teach the child a concept, or to solve a problem, or to acquire a skill.

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor gadget, make it something lasting, something special, something educational!

Check out our Products page here to see what we have as gifts. Products updates in progress.

Check out some simple samples of our EGPs here.

Please, feel free to contact us for further enquiries.

EduStuff Inc. is rolling out its EGP’s!


Hello People!

We came up with this lovely idea and can’t wait to share it with you.

Now, we know you love giving out stuff to the little lads and lassies so we decided that if you want to give them something, why not give what they’ll need now to aid their physical, social and intellectual developments! That which will benefit their future.

Say – NO MORE to meaningless toys!

Still guessing? Checkout our EGP’s page!

New Edustuff Available


Hello People!

New educational stuff now available at discounted prices on most goods! Age range: 0 to 12 yrs. We got:

1. Sensory balls @ N150 each (stimulates visual, tactile, & auditory senses + watch your baby discover the concept of cause & effect, for 0yrs – crawling ).

2. Melissa & Doug Jumbo triangular crayons, initiates & reinforces tripod grip in your toddler, hard to break, and encased in a plastic ‘briefcase’ @ N2500  

3. Does your child have issues with recognizing, forming, or writing letters? Then our Alpha Shapes set would be Continue reading