UKF Library Kids: Words Ladder activity


Today was one of those days you feel inspired to keep moving on with whatever project you have embarked on.

We decided to test the library kids with a Word Ladder, (if you never heard of them, check below for a sample). How many minutes did it take you to finish it? It’s for grade 1-2 level!


At first, I was skeptical because I felt it would be too advanced for them judging by what we had noticed in the past weeks, but hey, they are all kids in grade 4-6, and I just thought that we needed to stop deciding for them as to what they can do or not do, besides the task was grade 1-2 level!

So with 6 volunteers and 74 kids, the ladders were shared and after a spelling bee, we started work.

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UKF Reading Program



Tope & United for Kids Foundation: Doing a GREAT JOB!

Those who know about Edustuff Inc. know that we generally opt for the “train the trainer” style with the low income schools we work with, but on the 12th of March, 2014, we tried the other option (which has been nagging me but I always thought it impossible).

With some ladies — Aisha Bint Ibrahim, Bash Balogun, Oluwa To Yin, Aminat Gbaja, Temitope Y-a (kudos to you guys, I really admire your enthusiasm and courage), we decided to try out a new challenge. Continue reading